Since July 2019, EMPATIKU has been facilitating four villages in the Cities of Tangerang and South Tangerang to empower community resilience capacity and develop community based early warning system protecting the people from violent extremism ideology. The program is implemented in a partnership with C-SAVE (Civil Society Against Violent Extremism).

The program aims at improving the resilience capacity of the community by (1) increasing the knowledge and awareness on the risks of violent extremism ideology including the skills to detect the early warning signs; (2) improving the capacity of local leaders to handle early stage cases and make referrals to respected institutions on alarming stage cases; (3) harnessing social cohesiveness by exercising more community social activities; and (4) advocating policies to ensure sustainability of the early warning system.


This two-year program activities include (1) program introduction to local governments and obtain program implementation permits from the local government; (2) village site selection; (3) EWS Village Team selection; (4) Village Team training; (5) simulation of EWS Standard Operating Procedure; (6) community awareness raising activities; (7) EWS Village Regulation development; (8) coordination meeting amongst local governments; (9) community creative initiatives to harness social cohesion; (10) National Reflection Meeting.